Look No Further Than Trapiche for a Luxurious Malbec

Trapiche Broquel 2008 Malbec

You may wonder what’s in a name…and why Trapiche includes the word Broquel in the name of its 2008 Malbec vintage.  Broquel in Spanish means “shield” and symbolizes a family’s heritage.  In Trapiche’s case, Broquel represents a time honored Malbec production focusing on quality rather than quantity.  Experienced winemakers source grapes from the best terriors within the entire Andes basin yielding top fruit quality at its best.  Here’s what you’re getting inside the bottle: Grapes hand harvested in the last week of March from high-altitude vineyards that have been in existence for over 15 years. After an elaborate maceration, the wine is aged in oak barrels for 15 months showcasing a flavorful balance of ripe tannins and a long finish.

Here’s my taste testing experience compliments of Trapiche:  I grilled one of the only things that can match Trapiche Malbec…a big juicy hickory smoked porterhouse.  Instead of just a wine pairing, it’s really a tasting that equally considers the meat and how this wine complements it.  The Broquel Malbec brought out the steak’s buttery juices igniting the steak into flames of tangy cheese and sweet butter cream.  Forget the side dishes, it’s steak and wine…just like turkey and cranberry sauce…inextricably linked at the hip building a bolder more wholesome flavor experience.

Think of it as if there are really only 2 food groups in existence:  the glistening steak and tasty Malbec firing the meat into all sorts of tastes…fire and ice…hickory smokiness along with tart plumbs and ripe berries.   Chew the steak rolling it on your palate letting the juices soak in.  In this case, fats are good!  But take your time and let this collage of flavors coalesce with your taste buds into a long deserved vacation…you earned it…you won’t be needing dessert!

photo courtesy of Trapiche Vineyards


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