NYC Dumpling Festival

Trio of Pierogis: Meat, Potato, Goat Cheese and Arugula with Sauteed Onions and Sour Cream

If you’re in NYC this weekend, you simply can’t miss the 3rd Annual Dumpling Festival set for this Sat. from 12-5 in Sara Roosevelt Park. A must-attend event especially for those who think dumplings don’t have much variety and are uninspiring. The ubiquitous and much-loved pot sticker is just the tip of the dumpling iceberg with each culture showcasing different cooking techniques, regional ingredients and flavor profiles with their own recipes. Dumpling types range from Korean mandoo to Italian ravioli. Fillings both sweet and savory are steamed, boiled and fried inside a variety of wrappers that are sure to take you on a culinary journey across

Chicken Momos in Signature Spicy Sauce

the globe.

In addition to sampling a full international array of dumplings from cultures like Italy, China, Malaysia and Poland, this festival will also feature the 8th Annual Chef One Dumpling Eating Contest, where Guiness World Records will preside over participants vying to beat the 5-time champion and current record holder, Joe Menchetti, who ate 66 dumplings in two minutes.

photos courtesy of Tang’s 2011 Dumpling Festival

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