Xocolatti Chocolate: Exotic Masterpieces

Pistachio Encrusted Truffle

The word Xocolatti (choco-latti) is derived from the ancient Aztec word xocolātl, which ascribes cacao as food of the gods. In this spirit, Shaineal Shah, Bombay-born master mind behind his own line of Xoxolatti chocolates takes Valrhona chocolate to new levels like hand crafted sake truffles and bark-like mango-paprika slates. Over the past twenty years, true chocolate lovers have graduated from quantity to a world where chocolate, like cheese and wine, is considered an art form. Each truffle in Shah’s Port

Rose Hip Pistachio Bark

Chester, NY factory is made from single origin chocolate meticulously painted and rolled by hand. Just like a fine wine, you can taste the bouquet of flavors lingering long after biting through the delicate shell and savoring the intense ganaches.

The slates (or more commonly known as chocolate barks) are kaleidoscopes of color in and of themselves loaded with exotic ingredients like almond nougatine, Persian pistachio, saffron, and rose petals imported straight from India. Lucky for you, Shah sells assortments online as well as through Chocolate Library and Food Emporium.

photos courtesy of xocolatti


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