Dominos Newest Artisan Pizza: Chicken and Bacon Carbonara

Dominos Artisan Chicken & Bacon Carbonara Pizza

Domino’s most recent artisan pizza lineup confirms they are committed to offering better quality while keeping the price competitive as only a national chain can do. I had the opportunity to taste all 3 of their artisan pizzas in the past…Tuscan Salami & Roasted Veggie, Italian Sausage & Pepper Trio and Spinach & Feta. A thinner more flavorful crust and more generous toppings are the main features distinguishing these artisan delights from the regular pies. Within the past few weeks, they’ve added a fourth artisan pizza to their repertoire…Chicken & Bacon Carbonara.

So you may ask, “What exactly is Carbonara pizza? In Domino’s instance, it’s a combination of crisp pieces of smoked bacon, marinara, alfredo sauce, grilled chicken breast, Romano & Mozzarella cheeses, diced tomatoes, and a dash of oregano. Carbonara pizza in general roughly duplicates ingredients typically used in pasta alla carbonara sauce transforming them into a pizza topping.

Domino’s has the flavor combinations down to a science as many global food producing corporations must do in order to grow their razor thin profit margins. Let’s start with the crust…flavorful and crisp with just the right ratio of oregano and Parmesan. The chicken and bacon pieces are lean and succulent in just the right proportion to the cheeses and sparsely spread sauce. I’m impressed but personally would like to see a thicker layer of home crafted sauce. Even though I know their slogan for these artisan pizzas is to just say no (to modifications) since the formula for flavor perfection is meticulously mapped out, I would ask for a bit more top quality sauce. Then this pizza would seriously give the Mom and Pops a run for their money.

Artisan pizzas are a rectangular 13” x 9” comfortably serving 2.

Coverage made possible by participating in a complementary tasting.  Photo courtesy of Steve Mirsky

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