Save Over $1000 Per Year Using the Ozonator!

Ozone in Moderation Beats This Kind of Spoilage

There’s one downside to all those organic fruits, vegetables, and specialty perishables we buy these days….they spoil quickly. Top of the line refrigerators of course have advanced technological controls that take you way beyond the capabilities of the old Frigidaire you had 20 years ago.

But say you you think it’s just plain crazy to spend over $3000 on a refrigerator that can take you to the moon and back. You can greatly enhance your refrigerator’s food preservation effectiveness by simply placing a $40 Ozonator on the top shelf.  It’s powered by 4 D batteries that typically last 6 months.

Here’s how it works…about the size of an alarm clock, the Ozonator replicates how ozone in the atmosphere purifies the air we breathe. It naturally helps color the sky blue, is the most powerful disinfectant readily available

on earth, and is approved by the FDA. Most importantly, ozone increases the storage life of foods by oxidizing


destructive forces like mold and bacteria consequently neutralizing aromas.

Although unsafe when used continuously in large quantities within poorly vented areas, the Ozonator emits levels of ozone that are a safe and natural alternative when compared to a typical household average of over $1000 a year in wasted produce.

Now you have no excuse being an average household throwing away roughly 180 pounds of produce each year!

Images courtesy of Ozonator & Steve Mirsky. Coverage made possible by testing a complimentary product

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