Domino’s New Artisan Pizzas

Domino's Artisan Pizza Box Says it All

Domino’s is being very candid and upfront about marketing their new artisan pizzas. They say they’re not artisan pizza makers with black berets firing up the brick ovens. And their ingredients, including toppings aren’t daily harvested from the backyard garden or locally sourced from organic farms. But, as I covered before, pizza is a numbers game that has to be played right in order to be profitable. You have one end of the spectrum where cheaply made, OK (or downright terrible) tasting pizza is pumped out at high volume. People buy this type out of convenience or because it’s the only option available where they live. The other end of the spectrum are the Mom and Pop pie makers who have been doing it for decades, have a local following, and may not do delivery. These pizzas taste better because extra care is put into making them. This takes

My Tasting Lineup

extra time such as wood firing or sourcing seasonal local vegetables, meats, or cheeses as toppings. This costs more and the price has to be passed onto you in order for them to remain profitable.

Lately, Domino’s has been playing it smarter by leveraging their resources to fall someplace in the middle. They have already gone down the route of higher volume with lesser quality until it reached a point of diminishing returns. Getting big doesn’t always mean being the winner and this was clearly the case with Domino’s.

Domino’s most recent artisan pizza line confirms that they are committed to

Domino's Italian Sausage and Pepper Trio

offering better quality while keeping the price competitive as only a national chain can do. I had the opportunity to taste all 3 artisan pizzas in their lineup which boast a thinner crust and more generous toppings…spinach & Feta, Italian sausage & pepper trio, and Tuscan salami & roasted veggie. My favorite was their Italian sausage and pepper trio which most tastefully combines Parmesan-Asiago cheese, sliced Italian sausage, and a trio of roasted red, green, and banana peppers topped with a dash of oregano.  I really think it’s the banana peppers that put it over the top!

Coverage courtesy of participating in a complimentary tasting.  Photos courtesy of Steve Mirsky